Saturday, September 7, 2013

One excuse after another

Excuse (def.), noun - something said or used to explain an offense or failure.

I have got to get sugar free.. get to the point of clean food.  It is so easy to make an excuse like, "But I really need Coffee-mate in my coffee each morning" .... two heaping teaspoons in each of 3 cups of coffee!  Or, "It will hurt my husband's feelings if I don't eat what he took the time to prepare after he worked all day."  Yes, we have had discussions on what I need to do and how he can help me, but he doesn't see the issue.. or has selective memory.

As far as exercise?? I haven't been to the Y in 3 weeks... first, my knee started popping, so I went to the ortho doc, and he gave me a steroid shot.  That shot hurt badly enough that I didn't even want to walk for a couple of days, but after that?  No excuse really... I am having trouble leaving the house.. so, what?  My bipolarism and depression aren't new... I have learned how to work around them if I REALLY want to..

I watched "Extreme Makeover, Weight Loss Edition," this week, and the man, more than 240 pounds overweight, hurt both knees at different times during his transformation year.  He chose to keep going.. to delay surgery until he had reached his goal weight.  All of his workouts were non-weight bearing... pool, bike, elliptical, etc.  He lost over 240 pounds in his year.. the most % of any man on that show, ever... with two bad knees.  I have 70 pounds left to lose, and I have access to all the things he used for his weight loss success.

I can keep making excuses, or I can dig in and address my food and exercise issues.  No excuses, because an excuse is just that.

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